Best Fast Growing Shade Trees in Sunny Side, GA; Oak, Tupelo & Princeton Elm Tree Species

Big beautiful shade trees are a staple in Southern lawns. We grow some of the best plant life in the country right here in our home state of Georgia. With summer time being upon us, now is the time of year everyone seeks refuge under the shade while they are outdoors. When it comes to combining trees and plant life with our lawns in Greater McDonough, GA, some careful considerations should be made. Your lawn is fertile and full of life, trees will likely take advantage and compete for water and nutrients. So, you should probably steer clear of trees that drop seeds freely, so they don’t overtake your yard. Another consideration to be made is how deep the root system is for the trees you decide to plant. Shallow rooted trees are going to compete with your lawn for water more than deep rooted trees will. They are also more likely to cause complications when you mow your lawn and are at risk of toppling over during a wind storm. When taking these things into consideration, you should also take note of how long the tree you want to plant lives. You will want a hearty tree that lives a long, full life. Doing so will add substantial value to your property and be a great investment for the future. Once a mature tree is established, is becomes a permanent fixture to your home.

Identification of Best Shade Trees in the State of Georgia

While some of the more popular trees here may seem to be a good choice, when you get to know trees you will soon understand why a lot of these trees just aren’t right for your lawn. Maple trees are beautiful, their colors in the fall are truly something to marvel over, but their shallow root systems and tendency to become sun scalded and bark split make them best suited in areas that don’t get much afternoon sun. The River Birch is a gorgeous tree, but it tends to shed a lot and requires a lot of clean-up. So, what about the best choices for Georgia lawns? Milam’s Tree Service has the best recommendations for you.

Types of Oak Trees Suited to GA Lawns

There are different types of Oak trees to choose from. The University of Georgia has created some beautiful cultivars that are available for purchase in various nurseries here in the state. Oak’s are known for their stability, permanence and beautiful appearance. When mature, they offer a large diameter of shade coverage and lives in harmony with lawns. These trees get big, so they are not recommended in smaller yards as they need plenty of space to grow.

White or Black Tupelo Trees

There are several different types to choose from. These trees are perfect for even the wettest of soils. This native tree is found in swamps in the wild and flourishes in wet conditions. This tree is often overlooked in landscapes but would make a wonderful addition to your yard. They make excellent shade trees and serve a vital role as an important food source for wildlife. Tupelo trees can take full sun or partial shade. Even though they prefer overly wet soil, they can withstand brief periodic droughts.

Princeton Elm Growth Rate & Root System

This is a classic, large leafed, fast growing tree that reaches 50-70 feet tall at maturity. It can span as wide as 50 feet in diameter and prefers full sun. This is a hearty tree and sports beautiful colors in the fall. They can take a beating and are extremely wind tolerant. In early Spring, it sprouts tiny flowers and would be a great addition to any yard that can accommodate giving it space to grow.

Tree Trimming & More in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Hampton, Sunny Side GA | Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties, Georgia

Milam’s Tree Service has the perfect recommendation for your yard! Choosing the right tree for your home can be a bit of a science. If you are unsure which trees would be the right fit for you yard and lawn, give Milam’s Tree Service a call and schedule a consultation today.

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