Benefits of Weeping Willow & Other Shade Trees for your Fayetteville, GA Home; Block Noise, Provide Privacy & Clean Air!

Shade trees are a great way to enhance the landscape of your home while at the same time providing excellent areas for you to entertain family and friends with an outdoor barbeque, get together or just a nice place to relax when the weather outdoors is beautiful. Picking the right kind of shade tree from your property can be tricky, but there are many different shade tree species to choose from depending on your liking. Once you have chosen and planted the perfect shade tree for your property, Milam’s Tree Service will assist you in maintaining that shade tree and keeping it properly trimmed, pruned and growing healthy.

The Weeping Willow is an Excellent Shade Tree

One of the most popular shade trees in the state of Georgia is the Weeping Willow tree. The weeping willow is a classic sight in the south and few trees have the grace and beauty of that of the weeping willow tree. The weeping willow tree is one of the first species of trees in Georgia to leaf out in the spring and one of the last trees to drop its leaves in the fall. The weeping willow tree has sweeping branches and narrow pale green leaves that sway beautifully in the Georgia breeze. Another benefit of the weeping willow tree is that it is one of the faster growing shade trees.

Shade Trees Provide Clean & Cool Air

There are many great benefits to having a shade tree on your property here in Georgia. Shade trees cool its surrounding down; their foliage blocks the sun from roofs, driveways and streets. Your air conditioning unit will do much less work if a large shade tree shades the roof of your home, preventing the roof from absorbing so much heat. This will cut down on energy costs and lengthen the life of your air conditioning unit. When the weather starts to cool down, the leaves will drop off the shade tree and allow the sunlight into your home and onto your roof when you need it. The leaves on your shade tree absorb pollutants and provide clean filtered air. Not only will the air around your home be cleaner, but it will also be scented with a fresh smell that only nature can provide.

Shade Trees Block Out Noise & Are Great for Privacy

Planting and caring for a large shade tree on your Georgia property will also provide you and your family with privacy and block out noise that is coming from surrounding areas. Thick layers of leaves will form and create a barrier from nosy neighbors who won’t be able to see into your yard and spy on what you are doing. Shade trees in Georgia are perfect for creating your own private retreats on your property.

Shade Tree Trimming, Pruning, Emergency Storm Damage Cleanup & Removal in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville & Hampton as well as Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties in Central Georgia

Once you have established a large shade tree in your yard, you will want to make it a priority to care for that tree as best as you can. Milam’s Tree Service will trim or prune your trees, keep them looking great and growing strong all year long!

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