Benefits of Tree Canopy Thinning & Crown Reduction in McDonough, GA; Increase Air & Light, Enhance Growth of Leaves & Stems & More

When you have mature trees on your property you will need to do some work to keep them healthy. You don’t want to have to start over with a newly planted tree so it is great to know how to deal with the trees you have. They will need some trimming and pruning to keep them healthy and growing well. When you have trees one area that is important to know about is called the canopy. The canopy is the part of the tree that is in the upper portion. It has just as much work that needs to be done as the roots and other parts of the tree. The canopy is a huge part of the ecosystem around your home. It is where the majority of the wildlife exist. That is why it may be hard to understand why thinning is necessary. Knowing what the canopy is and how you need to have it treated is important.

Milam’s Tree Service Explains the Benefits of Tree Canopy Thinning

What is Canopy Thinning: Canopy thinning deals with the top half of the tree. That is the majority of the trees branches and leaves. The thinning is when you go into the canopy area and trim away some of the branches and leaves. It has to be done the right way in order to sustain the life of the tree. If there are too many branches lost or the wrong ones it can damage the tree and even cause it to stop growing. If you are interested in thinning the canopy of your trees be sure to contact a professional tree service company.
Why Does Canopy or Crown Thinning Help?: There are several reasons you want to have your trees thinned out. The amount of branches can cause some problems for that particular tree as well as trees and other plants around it. Often times homeowners want to increase the amount of air and light that is being filtered through their tree. Another reason that a canopy can be thinned is to decrease some of the branches that can become invasive. They can start to invade another tree or your property. The thinning also can help to reduce problems that often occur with fungus as well as pests that may damage the tree. They thrive better in a darker and moister area. This means that increase in light and air can help with prevention. It also allows the foliage that is under the tree have a better chance to survive. They will need a particular amount of light to grow as well as water and air. When the tree is thinned out correctly the light will filter in but the tree will still be able to shade the area well.
Tree Canopy Thinning Methods: When you want to thin out the canopy of your tree it is always best to use a professional company. We will often come out and inspect the tree for branches that are best to reduce. They are usually less than two inches in thickness. We also look for dead branches and limbs that need to be removed because they are a hazard.

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