Autumn & Winter Tree Care Maintenance Services to Prevent Frost Cracking Damage in Jonesboro Georgia

Summer is coming to a close and your trees are probably looking relieved to see a change in temperature. Extreme heat can have quite a negative effect on trees, so cooler temperatures will put less stress on your trees this fall. With cooler temperatures comes the reminder that winter is not far from around the corner. Being prepared to properly care for your trees during the winter is important to make sure they do not pose a safety hazard to you, your neighbors or your home. It is also important so you can keep your trees in good health, and are not forced to cut down that most favorite tree that provides a home for a tire swing or tree house!

Winter Trees

Winter can affect trees in many different ways, depending on the extremeness of the temperatures, the type of tree, the age of tree and the location of the tree. When a mature tree experiences extreme temperature changes from day to night, this can lead to stresses within the tree between the outer bark and the inner wood leading to cracks called frost cracking or southwest injury. This refers to the side of the tree that is receiving the most winter sunlight.

Frost Damage & Cracking Prevention

In most cases there is little to be done to prevent frost cracking. However, trees can actually repair themselves from this occurrence. In the case of younger trees, you may want to consider wrapping the trunk of the tree with cold weather tree blankets. This will help protect the truck of the tree from becoming frosted and frost cracking. This will also allow young trees to continue to grow at a steady pace without becoming injured along the way. Another simple step to take to prevent winter tree damage is to a form of wilt proof soil around your trees. This will assist in keeping trees healthy throughout the winter months.

Tree Branches in Winter

One of the more vulnerable areas of your trees during the winter are its branches. Branches are much more likely to crack in the winter than any other time of the year. The wood hardens in the winter and becomes more brittle, making it more vulnerable and likely to snap off during a strong wind, heavy snow or other extreme weather situations. The key to preventing branch breakage during the winter is proper fall tree maintenance. Proper pruning of your healthy trees will decrease the chances of your branches breaking off.

Professional Fall Tree Maintenance in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville & Hampton GA

For professional tree service and pruning, contact Milam’s Tree Service today. Keep your trees healthy and happy during the upcoming winter season.

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