Are You Watering Your Maple, Pine, Evergreen & Other Trees Properly in Fayetteville, GA? How Much Water Does a Young or Mature Tree Need?

When you work on the landscape around your home you look at all the plants and the amount of water they are getting. You can adjust if they look too dry or too flooded. They show you signs within a day that they are in need of more or less water. However, when you look at your trees there is not much you can tell in a day or two so you need to know what you are doing. The trees are a huge part of the life of your property and should be taken care of by a professional to ensure they last and flourish. Trees are never a plant that needs to be replanted each year or even every several years. There are trees that are believed to have lived hundreds and even thousands of years! The better care that is taken of the tree, the better the chance it has to reach its full potential. The trees need to be trimmed and pruned on a regular basis but in between the professional care you need to do all you can to care for the trees as well. A big part of the care of trees is watering them the right amount.

Milam’s Tree Service Explains the Best Way to Water Your Trees While They Are Young & When Fully Matured

How Much Water Does A Young Tree Need: We are talking about a tree that is less than two years old. They are going to need to be cared for much more carefully in the first two years to ensure they are able to take root and thrive. It may interest you to know that during these first two years, the majority of the tree’s growth is happening under the ground! Trees tend to stay small during these first two year above the ground while the tree takes root and the roots expand. If you offer the new tree too little water, the roots will not expand and the tree will not end up with a good base. If you give it too much the roots will grow but won’t reach deep in the ground. You want to generally use about 20 gallons of water a week for the tree. You can do this over four to seven days a week and have a bucket that you know you can measure from. If you use a drip system you can use an empty can or bucket and time the amount it takes to fill it up. That will help you to determine the amount of water it is getting so you can adjust.
Best Way to Water A Mature Tree: If you have a mature tree that has been cared for very well it would be hard to kill it now. Although it does happen and the tree needs enough water it gets a lot of water from the moisture in the air and the rain and snow that comes out. The best check you can do it to use a screwdriver and push it in the dirt to see if it is easy or hard! If it is too hard you need to add water or up the water schedule. A mature tree can be watered twice a month as long as you have enough moisture where you live.

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