Arbor Day: April 24th 2015

What is Arbor day and what can you do to participate in it? National Arbor Day is April 24th, 2015 and is a great day to help celebrate how important trees are in our lives. The history of Arbor Day began in 1872 by J. Sterling Morton in Nebraska. Morton and his wife moved to the area and loved trees and shrubs so much they decided to plant all around their property. The purpose of trees plays a very important role then and now. One of the ways that trees have always helped is by being used a barrier to keep the soil for crops in place. The trees have also always been used for fuel and building materials. Trees also assist the quality of the air and that is one thing that we cannot live without. The holiday began on Morton’s birthday in Nebraska and quickly caught on throughout the United States. Now all over the world people celebrate Arbor day and there are events throughout every city and town to show support.

How can you get involved in Arbor Day?

Plan a tree planting celebration. This can be a highly involved process and can take a lot of time. This usually will involve talking to the owner of the location that you want to plant the trees. It will also include getting access to the appropriate materials that are needed to make sure that the trees are planted correctly and have the best chance of survival. Also making sure that you spread the word on your event so that you have participants to help with the planting. You should also take time to have other things available to educate the public on the importance of Arbor Day and what trees are doing for us. If you feel like this is a bit much to take on, the best way to get involved is to find an event in your area and get ready to work. Most of the opportunities are helping with planting trees so be ready to get your hands dirty. This is usually a place that has other fun things going on that can make it a family friendly event that all ages can have a good time at.
Another way to get involved is to have a small scale tree planting. You can arrange a place on your own property to have a tree placed. Make sure that you take time to get proper instructions on how to prepare the ground before planting a tree. Milam’s Tree Service can help advise you on tree placement and can provide the organic mulch your tree needs for nourishment. You also want to make sure that they tree you choose is best for the area that you are planting it – Milam’s can help with that too. We know our local trees and which species thrive here in Henry, Clayton and Fayette Counties. Go out next week and find a way that you can be involved in helping our planet this Arbor Day.

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