What Happens to Trees During the Different Seasons in Jonesboro, GA Such as Spring & Summer

It seems like you can tell what time of year it is based on a few easy observations. Lots of kids out playing in the neighborhood signals summer is here. Lots of festive lights says that the winter months have started and when spring arrives the weather is just perfect. Lastly the fall is welcome after a long hot summer with the shorter nights and cooler weather. Another quick and simple way to decide on what season you are in is to just take a look at the trees. They never miss a season and the way they look is exactly what you would expect when that specific season begins!

Milam’s Tree Service Explains What Happens to Trees During Each Season

How Do Trees Survive the Winter?: The trees in the winter months might seem sad to look at but they are smart and have adapted to the different temperatures that they need to survive in. During the cold months of the winter the trees will go through what is similar to a hibernation. It is called going dormant and that is when the growing aspect of the tree slows all the way down. That is why in the cold months you are not going to see anything blooming or any of the branches getting any length. This allows the tree to focus on staying alive until the warmer months come back.
Trees in the Spring Season: The spring months bring a whole new world to the life of trees and other shrubs. The trees have sat through the long cold winter and the fresh warm weather is the perfect way for the trees to start to grow again. The growth is most active in the spring and that is when you will see the leaves and flowers come back to those once bare branches. This is also the time of the year that you need to be sure that you care for your trees in the right way. You want good healthy growth so that the tree can survive the next months.
What Happens to Trees in the Summer Season: The next month on the list is the summer. Depending on where you live you may need to increase the amount of water that the trees are getting. This is because the trees are going to be dried out by the sun and the heat and the extra water will help them get through the season. The trees will continue to grow in the summer because the warmth is necessary for this to occur.
Why Do Leaves Fall Off Trees in Autumn & Fall: The fall weather is a great time of year that people love because of all the change that happens. The biggest and most recognizable change is the leaves on the trees will start to change color and fall off the limbs. This is in preparation for the upcoming winter. The fall is just starting to cool down and that is when the trees will begin their path to becoming dormant.

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