Tips & Tricks for Lighting Firewood & Getting the Most Heat from Your Wood Burning Fireplace & Stove in McDonough, GA this Winter Season

The cold weather is a great time of the year to throw on some firewood and enjoy. A fire can be in your fireplace in your home to help warm the room up or outdoors to make a family gathering fun and warm at the same time. Anyone can just light a fire but most people want the fire to last and look good and stay warm. There are several ways to do that and you need to know what your doing to maximize your fires this winter.

Milam’s Tree Service List Some Tips on How to Light An Amazing Fire This Winter!

Be Prepared to Light Your Fire Before You Start: There are some things that you should do before you get started with lighting a fire. These are for safety and to be sure you have the products that are needed to keep the fire going. If you are in a home and using an inside fireplace you need to have the chimney checked and cleaned if necessary. You want the smoke to ventilate properly. Get your firewood from a firewood sales and supply company that is local. Also be sure that you have kindling which is smaller bits of dried leaves and wood that you can use to get the fire going. Last check that you have the right tools to keep track of the fire like pokers, brush, matches and lighters.
Proper Technique For Keeping A Fire Going: You can’t just get the items needed for a fire, light it and leave it. A fire is going to need some tending to because it will burn down the wood and you will need to continue to add new pieces of firewood. To keep an indoor fire going, be sure that you have the damper open to allow some oxygen to fuel the fire. Then you need to assemble the wood and kindling that is necessary for a fire. Be sure that you have enough for the amount of time that you want to have the fire going. Then you need to light the fire with a lighter or match and continue to maintain it. You want to keep an eye on it and stir the fire so that you can keep the smoke from becoming too much.
How to Set Up A Fire: This is an important part of a fire that will light easily and last. The most common way to set up your fireplace or outdoor fire pit is to start with tinder on the bottom which can be shredded wood, paper or dryer lint. Then layer some kindling over that which is small splits of wood that you can cut yourself off a log. Then load on the smaller logs and the larger logs last. This is a great way to construct a fire but not the only way. You can do an upside down fire as well where you do the same process just backwards. You will notice less smoke coming from your fire when you do it that way.

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