Wayne D

March 19, 2015

Milam Tree Services is the best tree company in all of Jonesboro.. no scratch that, Clayton County! I run my firewood sales and gravel supplies through them and I’ve used their tree experts over the years for everything from tree pruning and trimming to tree removals with and without their crane services. Most recently, I called for an estimate on Thursday and the whole job was completed on Monday as promised. I had a large, old tree that had sustained so much storm damage over the years, I didn’t think it could take the next one. The tree professionals from Milam did an outstanding job on the dangerous tree removal for a great price. They arrived on time, well equipped and ready to work. The tree was already leaning on my house and I was scared if it fell anymore, it would break through my roof. Milam did the stump grinding too which left me plenty of mulch. I would recommend them to anyone needing tree services.

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