Warren W

March 19, 2015

We Googled and found Milam’s Tree Services online when our tree went down in the last storm. I called a couple of tree companies after hours but Milam’s was the only tree company where a live person answered. I talked to Josh, one of their tree professionals and he was great! He offered to get someone out that night since my tree was blocking the driveway but it was ok until the morning. The crew was out first thing in the morning to take care of the storm damage clean up. Josh was there to see if we could save the tree but it was too damaged. They did the dangerous tree removal of the fallen tree quickly and safely. They did a full cleanup of the branches and brush and were very helpful. Josh evaluated my other trees and had the crew do some tree pruning and topping so I wouldn’t have more fallen trees on my hands. I highly recommend them and plan on calling them again; this time for some landscape dirt, gravel and mulch and possibly for help in planting a new tree where the old one is now gone.

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