Protecting & Caring For Your Trees & Shrubs During The Cold Winter Months in Jonesboro GA; Call for Professional Tree Services!

When you are working with the cold weather you usually pull out your heavy coat, gloves and boots to stay comfortable. It is a great way to stay warm during the cold but when it comes to your trees and shrubs you can’t pull out their winter clothes. You do need to take care of your trees during the cold so they have the best chance to grow and flourish during the spring time.

Milam’s Tree Service has a list of things that you can do to protect your trees during the cold winter months.

Start Checking Trees Early for Problem Areas

If you have large full grown trees or even trees that are still on their way up you want to be sure that you are inspecting them either yourself or by a professional to be sure that you catch potential problems before they happen. Take time to look at the tree and limbs that are hanging over your driveway, electrical wires and house. If you have large limbs that are over these areas you want to make sure that they are a sturdy branch so that when it takes on snow and weighs it down it can handle it. A professional is best suited to determine the health of the branches.

Prune Trees During the Dormant Season

During the coldest weather your trees will go into a dormant state and will usually stop growing. This is a great time to plan your pruning and have a professional come out to take off problem branches and look for areas that need trimmed in order to give the tree the most opportunity to grow healthy.

Mulch and Fertilize Trees

This is best done before the cold of the winter sets in but can be done later to ensure that any nutrients that the trees need they will get it. Each tree needs to have an area around them that you can add fertilization which will seep into the dirt and will feed the tree. The mulch will also help to keep the fertilizer and nutrients in place.

Be Ready to Deal With Tree Damage

When you are looking into caring for your trees you can do all the best professional service and still might end up with damage. The tree can have branches that will still break off and need to be taken care of. This will normally require the help of a tree service expert to remove the down branch without causing more damage.

Call Milam’s Tree Service to have your trees inspected and prepped for the winter weather today in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville & Hampton as well as Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties in Central Georgia.

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