Preparing Jonesboro Trees for Spring

Spring time is here which means the weather is going to keep getting warmer. Its time to come out of hiding and spend more time outdoors. The nice, warm fresh air after a long winter can make you feel refreshed. One thing that can help with your time outside is being sure that your garden and trees are ready for ideal growth this season. To have a successful landscape growth and beauty this spring there are some steps that you can take to make sure that you are ready.

Trees, Bushes and Shrubs

This is a great time of year, just before the new greener leaves start to emerge to go through the trees, bushes and shrubs. You want to take some time to remove any dead or broken branches and get rid of dead leaves. This will allow the new growth to fill in where it is needed. It can also be a good time to get the shape that you want started. Call Milam’s Tree Service to remove dead and broken branches properly so as not to harm your trees any further. We can also assist with shaping your trees to the directions you desire.

Ground Cover for Trees

Walk around each tree to be sure that the roots and base have not been damaged. You can also make sure that the ground around the tree is in the best condition to allow water and moisture to stay near the tree to allow the tree the best chance to grow. Milam’s Tree Service offers a great line of dyed organic mulch to match any decor! In addition to helping your tree stay healthy, renewing mulch around the base of your trees helps the landscape look tidier and ready for summer too.

Check Trees for Disease

Trees that have not yet bloomed and begun to regrow leaves are a perfect place to start. Most trees that have disease will be easily identified by checking the branches and truck for signs that the tree could have disease. It is much harder to check thoroughly when the leaves are covering all the branches. Take advantage of the bare tree and make sure to treat any areas that may be diseased.

Clean Up

Going through the yard and garden to make sure that it is clean. Now is a great time to go around and pick up any old branches and leaves. You can also remove any early sprouting weeds and trash that has collected over the winter. These quick and easy tips can help your landscape flourish this springtime. And don’t forget to contact Milam’s Tree Service for all of your tree care needs!

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