Hardwood Firewood For Sale; Why Heating your Jonesboro GA Home with Oak is the Best Fuel Choice for your Wood Burning Stove or Furnace

If you’ve got a wood burning stove or furnace that provides the heat for your home, then you know the importance of a good firewood. Some wood burns hotter and longer than others, providing the maximum heating experience, while other wood kills the fire quickly, leaving you and your family cold. Not only is firewood great for a wood burning furnace, but it is also great to have for the firepit out back where you and your family can enjoy roasting marshmallows and making delicious s’mores while enjoying one another’s company. Knowing what type of firewood is best for you and your family is a great way to stay warm this winter and enjoy the warmth that a fire provides.

Types of Firewood to Burn in Fireplaces

While many new homes have gone to gas fireplaces, there are still many homes out there that have the traditional sturdy and dependable old school fireplace. Some fun attributes that a gas fireplace lack are the cracking sound of fire wood, the smoky seasonal smell and the ritual of dad building the perfect fire. When it comes to choosing what wood to burn in your fireplace or firepit, you must consider that every species of wood has its own set of burning characteristics.

Hardwood & Softwood Firewood Difference

There are many options to choose from and the two main categories to become familiar with are hardwood and softwood. Milam’s Tree Services enjoy and recommend hardwood much more than softwood. Some of the popular hardwood choices to go with include oak, hard maple and birch. Milam’s Tree Services sell oak firewood as it is extremely abundant in the United States and is considered one of the best types of firewood. When oak is dried properly, it can provide a very low burning fire with a maximum amount of heat. These are two top attributes that firewood should always possess!

Why is Hardwood More Expensive than Softwood?

Hardwood like oak is more expensive because softwoods are quick burning; causing you to need much more of it to keep the fire burning. The softwood categories include species of wood like pine and fir. Pine is another tree that is readily available throughout our country. Generally found in more northern climates, the pine tree produces a wood that is easy to split and very easy to start a fire with. The down side of using pine for a fire wood is that it burns very quickly, so if you are using pine, make sure you have an abundance of it on hand. Using pine as fire wood also produces an occasional exploding sap pocket that can cause sparking and is not always great for the chimney.

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