Does My Tree Stump Need to Be Removed in Jonesboro, GA? Stumps Attract Termites & More

Your yard should be something that you take pride in. The yard has many parts to it that include some terrain that can be grass and rock to name a few. It can also have plants that are around the area to create some texture and layers to the space. The plants might be shrubs, bushes and flowers to name some of the most common types. The other part that happens to be a big part of the yard is the trees. The trees that you have in your yard need to cared for and maintained to ensure they are in good shape. The trees you have can go through some damage that may cause them to be cut down and that often leaves a stump in the yard. Some people are unsure if the stump should be removed or if it is okay to leave it in place. Milam’s Tree Service outlines why you should remove the stump from your yard.

Tree Stumps Attract Termites & Pests

When you are thinking about removing the tree stump from your yard it is a good idea to know what some of the benefits are. One of the things you may not realize is that if you leave a tree stump in the yard it can attract bugs and pests. One of the most common pests you are attracting to your home are termites. They are a pest that will be on the lookout for any exposed wood to eat through. Once they have devoured the tree stump they can quickly move into your home. The chewed through stump is now a great place for other pests to use as a nesting area. You want to make sure that you remove the stump to avoid attracting unwanted pests.

Tree Stumps are a Problem in Landscape Design

When there is a stump in the yard the way that you create the design of your landscape is broken up. The stump is an area of the yard that you will not be able to grow grass or cover with rock. The stump also makes it difficult to mow the lawn and to care for the yard. The stump is a troublesome area of the yard and is best suited when it is removed from the landscape.

A Tree Can Regrow from a Stump

When a tree is removed from the yard there is a stump that is left over. The stump is part of the tree and still has roots that are in the ground and bringing in nutrients. The nutrients that are being brought into the stump can start to allow it to grow back. The reason that you had the tree removed in the first place is from damage or from the need of the space in the yard. If the tree starts to grow back it can cause a major disruption. That is why you should have the stump removed from the yard and landscape.

Tree Stump Removal & More in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Hampton, Sunny Side GA | Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties, Georgia

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