Cutting Branches Off Trees in Jackson, GA; Do’s & Don’ts for How to Trim a Tree Properly

Pruning or trimming a tree helps to selectively remove defective parts of a tree and improves the structure of a tree. This contributes to the overall health of the tree and reduces the chance that the tree will cause damage to people or property around it. You may also want to trim your trees just to keep your property looking neat and tidy. Tree trimming needs to be done on a regular basis and can be dangerous if it’s not done the right way. If you really want to do it yourself, there are some do’s and don’ts you need to remember.

Do’s & Don’ts When Trimming Trees

Do make sure you have the right tree trimming tools before you start. You also need to make sure you have the right protection. You need to wear long pants and sleeves, gloves and glasses to protect your eyes. Don’t run out and buy new clothing. Just some old clothes and some basic grain leather gloves will do the trick. Do all you can to protect yourself from a falling branch.
Do prune and trim your trees throughout the year. As soon as you see that a branch has become diseased or has died, cut it off. Just like cleaning you home, it’s easier to do it as you go rather than waiting until it’s out of control which will take you a lot longer and could be more dangerous. Monitoring your trees will make the job easier and safer.
Do monitor the proximity of trees and limbs to the windows of your home. Trees can get out of control quickly and if you live in an area that is prone to storms, hurricanes, lighting and tornadoes, trees can easily damage your home. Trees need to be kept away from the home. It’s also beneficial to keep trees trimmed away for the home because it makes it harder for burglars to use them to get into you home.
Don’t prune a tree if it’s near a power line and don’t use a chainsaw if you’re on a ladder. These are both dangerous situations. You need to call experts in these circumstances. Having the attitude that you’ll only do it this time could be disastrous and just not worth it.
Don’t prune a tree that has been planted for less than a year, and don’t prune a tree that flowers until all the blossoms have opened. All trees have unique needs. Trees are in shock once planted in new soil and flowering trees need to blossom fully before and pruning is done.
Don’t trim more than ¼ of a tree’s total number of branches in any given year. Just like trimming your hair, trimming a tree is only taking a little bit off and don’t use sealing products after you have pruned. Trees are living things are great at sealing themselves after being pruned if done correctly. New growth can be negatively affected if you use these products because it interferes with the natural healing process.

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Again, it is always best to hire professionals when it comes to tree trimming. It’s serious business and one wrong move can hurt you, those around you or your property. Contact Milam’s Tree Service when it’s time to trim your trees.

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