Who to Call After Rain & Wind Damages your Trees in Fayetteville GA? Milam’s Tree Service for Emergency Storm Damage Brush Cleanup, Tree Inspections, Trimming & Removal!

The winter can bring in some serious changes in weather. There can be wind storms, rain storms and snow storms. All of these can wreak havoc on your property, trees and landscaping with some serious damage to the trees and plants themselves. The other problem is that if the trees have not been trimmed or…

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How to Care for Trees in Winter; Watering, Mulching, Drainage Solutions & Wrapping Trunks in Burlap in Jonesboro GA. Call Milam’s for all your Tree Service Needs!

Caring for trees isn’t a seasonal thing, it’s a year round thing. Many trees may be incorporated in your landscape that are not necessarily native to your area, and thus susceptible to weather conditions. Milam’s Tree Service would like to share some advice on caring for your trees during the cold winter months. Here are…

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