Value, Uses, Benefits & Importance of Trees in Our Daily Life in McDonough, GA

Trees are a benefit for a number of reasons; they improve both in the ecological and economic conditions as well as having a positive impact on our psychological and physical health. Trees are found everywhere, and the more trees the better. We at Milam’s Tree Services would like to relate the benefits of trees.

Trees Help Climate Change & Our Environment

Trees are a very important part of our ecosystem. They are part of the carbon dioxide and oxygen cycle that allows for much of life found on earth to exist. Climate change is curbed by the absorption of carbon dioxide. For instance an acre of trees over a year’s time can absorb the equivalent of 26,000 miles of driving emissions. Many of the pollutants we deal with in our daily existence are soaked up by the trees and removed from our surroundings and incorporated in the tree’s tissues and bark. Trees help to regulate climate, moderate the effects of rain as their roots anchor the soil preventing erosion and absorbing water to be released gradually preventing or moderating floods.

Shade Giving Trees

Trees are an excellent source of shade, and cool our sidewalks and roads. Asphalt and concrete absorb sunlight and hold heat. Trees break up the heat absorbing islands that dot our cityscapes. This cooling effect aids us during the summer by providing shade for our housing and reduces air conditioning requirements. As trees transpire or ‘breathe’ they release moisture to the atmosphere, shade lawns preventing evaporation and contribute to our outdoor comfort. Trees provide us with many foods such as nuts, fruit and sugars for example.

Economic Benefits of Trees

Trees are life giving organisms that provide not only our air we breathe, but also lumber for tools, products, shelter and food. Trees are a major contributor to creating materials used to build homes and buildings. Our homes, utilize lumber to a large degree, and nothing is more satisfying than a well made piece of wooden furniture. We depend on wood for building, tool handles, furniture and a plethora of useful articles that are used in our daily life. Trees provide us with paper that is used for packaging, books, and so much more. Though we are yearly reducing the consumption of paper goods, paper still plays a major part in the pursuit of commercial activities all courtesy of the humble tree.

Trees & Human Health

Ultra-violet rays bombard us daily, and may lead to skin cancer. Not only a concern for our children’s health but our elderly as well. As we age, we are more susceptible to sun damage and cancer. For our children and elderly to enjoy the outdoors we need the shade and protection provided by trees. A tire tree swing or a tree house will provide many hours of pleasure and imaginative hours of exploration and fun. Nature provides a bounty for wild life by having trees. Forrest and trees can heal the mind and spirit. The mere sight of a tree grove can reduce mental fatigue and provide healing for the injured.

Tree Trimming, Stump Removal Services & More in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville & Hampton GA | Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties, Georgia

Well groomed trees and shrubs improve the curb appeal of home and business. Trees invite those to loiter in front of businesses inviting customers. Trees need maintenance as do all growing things. Trimming does not only improve the health of the tree itself, but it helps to avoid power lines and infringement of sidewalks and streets. Proper pruning adds a pleasing visual experience as well as promoting health by trimming away dead and diseased branches. Trees that don’t look healthy need to be evaluated as to cause. Lack of water, too much water, insect infestation or lack of nutrients all need to be considered for a healthy tree. If you’re stumped, don’t have time or the interest you need the services of a professional. Milam’s Tree Services have the staff with the expertise to support preservation and care of your trees. Call us today to learn more.

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